With a long history dated back to 1883, the German brand was originally born in Heidelberg, Germany. Their first product was Wooden dip pens. Fountain pens and nibs were imported from New York back then. But in 1994, the current company, The H&M Gurberlet Gmbh, took over and started the brand “Kaweco” From then, they relaunched a new Sport Series under the same concept design from 1935. The brand offers five writing instruments: Fountain pens, Rollerballs, Ballpoint Pens, Push Pencils, and Clutch Pencils.

From then until now, the brand has grown internationally and is sold worldwide. They have continuously developed their design to match the current needs of today’s market. Many materials and colors are used in the new collections, but the signature and the feelings of holding a Kaweco pen remains the same. The original Sport series remains the most popular while other series like Special and Perkeo are closely recognized.

Writing Instruments



Classic Sport

Steel Sport

Skyline Sport


Frosted Sport


AL Sport

Sketch Up

Brass Sport